2014 was the ‘Year of the Cumberbatch’


It seems like 2013 was the “Year of the Cumberbatch” with the British actor landing Star Trek: Into Darkness, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and appearing in the Oscar-winning film 12 Years A Slave. But, that does not compare to this past year for Benedict Cumberbatch.

The third season of BBC’s Sherlock aired earlier this year and was met with high praise and accolades for the actor. He won an Emmy Award this year for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his role as Sherlock. With the success of the show, the actor voiced his famous character in a game app Sherlock: The Network launched this year. The season was as successful as always with a fourth season announced.

smaugAs for films, Cumberbatch was seen/heard by children, adults, and geeks this year. He lent his voice for the successful children’s animation Penguins of Madagascar as wolf leader, Classified of the North Wind. This marks the first time Cumberbatch has been in a children’s film. So now, your children will know that voice.

For geeks everywhere, Cumberbatch lent his voice again as Smaug for the final Hobbit film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Although he didn’t have a big part in this film, he was still in it. So, it counts.

And finally, Cumberbatch was in this year’s critically acclaimed film The Imitation Game. For his role as the tormented genius Alan Turing, Cumberbatch has been nominated (and won) for several Best Actor categories- British Independent Film Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globes, Hollywood Film Awards, Satellite Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and will most likely be nominated for the Academy Awards. This would mark the first time Cumberbatch will be nominated as an individual for an Academy Award. His role as Turing in the film also gave him the opportunity to land on the cover of Time Magazine’s Genius Issue.

This year, tumblr, reddit, and the multiple viral websites went nuts for Cumberbatch on multiple occasions. Cumberbatch had won the internet many times in 2014 and here are some of them:BENEDICT

The Photobomb of 2014: Of all people to photobomb, Benedict Cumberbatch had to pick one of the most famous bands in the world, U2, at the most famous Awards show – the Academy Awards. His photobomb became so viral – people began photoshopping Benedict Cumberbatch in other photos and major events. I’ve added the cutout photo here if you’d like to add your own Cumberbatch Photobomb.


Next on the list was regarding the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that went on. Cumberbatch was nominated by several of his acting friends and no one heard anything from him, until a day later. Cumberbatch knows his audience really well and knew what they wanted. And, what they wanted was to see a ‘wet Cumberbatch’. Oh, he gave it to them… Six times and in SLOW MOTION. Cumberbatch donated money as well as provided a link an ALS association in the UK. Thank you, Mr. Cumberbatch, for everything.

Another internet craze for the famous actor happened when he decided to narrate a penguins documentary. In his narrative, Cumberbatch mispronounced ‘Penguins’ as ‘Pengwings’ and the world went nuts. Almost every website and television show covered his verbal mistake, with the actor eventually redeeming himself on the British television show, The Graham Norton Show.

Then, there was this – Cumberbatch narrating BBC’s trailer celebrating BBC’s past and upcoming dramas. It will send shivers down your spine.

Oh, but this year was also the year of announcements for Benedict Cumberbatch. This year, Cumberbatch got engaged and did it the old fashion way with an announcement in the paper. No dealing with publicists or tabloids – Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged! Done and done! Congrats to him!

Another big announcement was this:

Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Whaaaaa?

Things are looking up for Mr. Cumberbatch. He won 2014 with awards, a fiancee, and new roles! What’s going to happen for him in 2015? I guess we’ll have to see. Good for him. Congrats to Benedict Cumberbatch for all his success! He definitely earned it.

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