Doctor Who Christmas Special: ‘Last Christmas’ review


*This review contains spoilers*

This episode should had been called “Whoception” – a blend between Doctor Who and Christopher Nolan’s Inception. The whole episode was about being in a dream within a dream, within another dream. It got kinda confusing after awhile trying to determine if we were all just in one big dream. Then, there is Santa Claus (played by the always awesome Nick Frost) who appeared in all of the dreams because it’s a Christmas episode.

In the beginning, we see Clara encounter Santa Claus with the Doctor appearing out of nowhere to take her to a research center in the North Pole. The four ‘researchers’ found an ‘Alien’ creature (like the facehuggers from the ’80s Alien movie) consuming the energy of their victims and placing them in dream-like situations. They realized that Santa Claus was a part of their dream (even though he IS real) and must find a way to wake up.

I really enjoyed the Christmas Special. The episode was nonstop action. We got to see the Doctor take the lead in this episode and he reminds us why we loved him as the Doctor! The whole story was entertaining – the characters in the North Pole and Santa Claus and his elves. Frost’s Santa was, let’s be honest, a BADASS. He was equally sassy with the Doctor and held his own. The episode didn’t really need him to make the story, but since it’s Christmas, why not?

The most heartbreaking part during the show was when Danny Pink appeared. Yes, Danny showed up in the episode in Clara’s dream that he was still alive and spending Christmas with her. This would be their ‘last Christmas’ together. BRING HIM BACK!  Prepare to cry for Clara and Danny. Bravo to Coleman for her performance.

Another heartbreaking moment was when the Doctor does save Clara, but it was when she was old. It was really sad to see the Doctor come later in her life where she never married and traveled the world. But, it was also sweet that the Doctor couldn’t tell that she aged (versus Clara totally being freaked out when the Doctor regenerated older). Whoever did the makeup on Coleman to age her did an amazing job. Luckily, it was also all a dream and we see the Doctor’s Clara young again. This time, since they both knew the truth about Danny and Gallifrey, they went off into the TARDIS on more adventures. Yes, Jenna Coleman will be back for another season of Doctor Who.

The whole episode really flowed, even with the ‘dream within a dream’ sequence. The episode was dark and was pretty scary (I don’t get scared easily). At the same time, I thought the story may be a little too complex for kids. This season, Doctor Who seemed to be catering towards the older population who would understand these time traveling/Inception-like episodes. I really liked it because it kept me on my toes like a Doctor Who episode should. I hope there will be more adventures like this in season 9.

I have to say this was one of my favorites Doctor Who Christmas Specials. That is saying a lot.

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