GTA Online will feature snowball fights and ugly Christmas sweaters

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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, and a lot of video games have been taking advantage of the season. Now Rockstar is inviting gamers to join in on the festivities with the special GTA Online Christmas-themed extras starting today.

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The Christmas extras include new items at Ammu-Nation (Homing Missile Launcher, Proximity Mines), San Andreas snowfall complete with snowball fights (available for a few special days), Christmas gear and masks (ugly Christmas sweaters, scarves, hats, masks, pajamas will be available until January 5th), new vehicles (Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, Slam Van and more available permanently), Holiday Special Crate Drops (until January 5th), Christmas tree on Christmas day with gifts, option to own a third apartment, New Year’s Firework Launcher and Firework rocket ammo.

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The Festive Surprise is available for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Rockstar

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