Grand Theft Auto V gets an Online Heists trailer

gta v online heists

It was recently leaked that the new DLC for Grand Theft Auto V would include new missions, weapons and clothing for GTA Online. Now check out the new trailer showing off gameplay for Online Heists.

If you have been playing and enjoying GTA Online, then this should be right up your alley, since friends and strangers will get to team up to perform elaborate heists for the first time.

So why did it take Rockstar so long to get this DLC out? The easiest answer is because creating a complex and multi-tiered mission isn’t easy. For example, doing a heist in story mode has you switching between characters, thus making the experience fun throughout. In GTA Online, you won’t be able to switch characters, so Rockstar had to figure out how to make each player feel important.

Online heist missions require 4 players, and you’ll need to be ranked 12 or higher. One must become the heist leader, and that person must have a high-endĀ apartment with room available for planning. They will be able to launch, prep and build up the scoreĀ at the apartment.

In an interview with IGN, Rockstar has said that there will be over 20 total missions.

“There are five unique strands involving over 20 total missions, which will add up to around 20 hours of gameplay.”

To add to the replayability, players can play the missions again in a different role, allowing them to experience something different.

The Online Heists DLC will be available for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in early 2015.

Via GamesHQ, IGN

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