TNT’s Titans series to include Nightwing

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DC has been really aggressive when it comes to having their characters be portrayed on the small screen. Currently we have Arrow and The Flash on the CW, Constantine on NBC, and Gotham on Fox. We’ll soon have a Supergirl series on CBS and then a Titans series on TNT. Yes, DC is really spreading its seed everywhere, and the networks are taking it all in.

The Titans series will be based on young DC superheroes, and now we have news that Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, will officially be a part of the team. DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns tweeted:

This announcement came after Johns said that filming for the Titans series would start next year.

Nightwing used to be Batman’s sidekick when he was Robin. Now older, he has parted ways to do things his own way.

Are you looking forward to the Titans series on TNT?

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