Toho will start filming new Godzilla movie next year


After being in deep slumber since Godzilla: Final Wars, Toho is finally going to their Kaiju reservoir and making their version of Godzilla. They’re not doing this because they are embarrassed of the new movie like the awful 1998 version, it’s quite the opposite actually. Ever since the new Godzilla was released and broke all the expectations and a few records, they are confident on this new film.

The new Godzilla movie has currently grossed $525 million worldwide, which includes 32 billion Yen ($267 million) at the birthplace of the King of all Monsters. Since Toho will be handling the release,  you can expect this Godzilla to be skinny. Many people thought the newest version released by Legendary Pictures had gained a little bit more weight than we’re used to seeing.

In any event, I’m excited to hear this because I’ve been wanting to see Japan’s version of an updated Godzilla. No word yet on casting, director, or any monster(s) this version of Godzilla will face, but that should change soon since it will begin filming in Summer 2015.

Source: Cinematoday (Japanese)

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