Sonic Boom is a hit on Cartoon Network!

TM_WiiU_SonicBoomThe Sonic Boom cartoon series is feeling the love from its fans. Airing every Saturday morning the series has seeing nothing but gains in its viewership. Sonic Boom is only a few weeks in and kids seem to love it, but I’m also sure some of the parents are watching too. This Saturday everyone should tune in to see the next episode “Eggheads.”

Each episode has Sonic, Amy Sticks, Tails, and Knuckles defeating Dr. Eggman in one of his silly and numerous plans. In the next episode Sonic receives some baked goods that do more than just fill everyone’s appetite. Soon Sonic’s friends transform. Into what you say? Well, tune in and find out and to see Sonic as he figures out how to get his friends back to normal.

This Saturdays episode will be the last one for 2014, the series will continue on in early 2015. Sonic Boom airs on Cartoon Network on Saturday’s at 7AM.

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