Last Year: The 5 vs 1 survival horror multiplayer Kickstarter

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There’s been a slew of great multiplayer games that have been released in the past couple years. However, there hasn’t been a game where you’re part of an actual horror film. Yes, you heard what I just said, a horror film. If you’re a fan of horror films, get ready to play one of the cliched characters that you’ve seen only on film. Do you like Friday the 13th or Cabin in the Woods? Well get ready to live in one of those movies!

The name of the game is called Last Year and it’s being kickstarted. The idea is that it is a 5 vs. 1 multiplayer game where one player is the serial killer, and the rest are your typical classes of tank, medic, support, technician, and scout. However the classes are set as your typical school stereotypes, aka the Jock, Popular Girl, Nerd, etc. The point is to survive and not get killed; much like the horror movies!

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Basically all of you start off separated, in the dark, with no items or weapons. Then you have to find each other and make sure that the killer doesn’t find each and every one of you and kill you. You have to work as a team to stop the killer from his rampage. Of course the killer has his own abilities to get to all of you, but always remember – there’s strength in numbers in a horror film. The person that usually dies first is the guy that thinks he’s Rambo, when he’s not.

Hopefully this game gets the backing it needs, because it looks very interesting!

If you want to back the project, go visit this link here.

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