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So with Ubisoft utterly tanking the ever living crap out of Assassins Creed Unity, one could shudder when thinking about what happened to Far Cry 4, but thankfully they didn’t screw this one up. It’s not perfect, but it’s still a pretty solid game


Without going into too much detail, you play as Ajay Ghale, who has returned to his hometown of Kyrat to spread his mother’s ashes. He is soon swept up in the rebellion against the dictator Pagan Minh. Oh, and just for future reference, when the choice comes, KEEP HIM ALIVE! It makes the ending that much more irritating but clues you in on just what was going on and what was supposed to happen. Trust me.

Gameplay and Features

If you’ve played any of the previous Far Cry games, the formula is still the same; Place is in trouble, go out and capture places, hunt animals and get high. No really, there’s a series of quests that requires you to get high and trip balls in order to gain perks and bonuses.

As usual, you have multiple ways of capturing outposts. You can go in Metal Gear Solid style and just take them all out in stealth (which awards bonuses), throw in bait to attract big ass animals to distract the guards while you kill them or just do what I did and get a gyrocopter, a grenade launcher sidearm and just rain down hell.

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Air Superiority Bitches!!!

One thing about that grenade launcher sidearm is that it makes the game incredibly easier if you focus on your explosive tactics. Even on hard difficulty I found it very easy to just fly in with the chopper, blast the enemies out of the outpost, claim it, rinse and repeat. This tactic also works on the big 4 fortresses that are available for capture on the map.

Speaking of the map, Kyrat is HUGE! For the completionist, this will take a VERY long time to complete, depending on what difficulty you’re playing it on and how you want to play it. This is one of the things that makes Far Cry 4 such a great game is that it gives you a ton of variety on how to complete it; don’t feel like blowing things up? Take everything out in stealth. Don’t like flying and just want to rampage with an elephant and a menagerie of baited animals? Bring a ton of bait. Feeling confident as a sniper with a bow and arrow? Get the reflex sight and score a ton of headshots.

There’s also a plethora of side missions available sorted into a few categories; assassination, racing, outpost master and hostage rescue¬†(my personal favorite being outpost master because it lets you get a 2nd chance at taking out a base in stealth for extra money and xp.’

There’s also a map editor that lets you create outpost master type scenarios for other people to try. It takes a little bit of time getting used to but if you’re familiar with 3D editors like Maya, it’ll be cakewalk for you.


This is a treat for the ears in some respects as the music definitely makes you feel like you’re someplace you’ve never been, like the protagonist. This is especially true in certain scenes where you are high out of your mind (this happens a lot) and the music really matches what you’re hallucinating. On the other side of that coin though the voice acting is kind of mediocre, but at least they have some resemblance of character within each NPC.


Like most exploration games, this is visual gluttony of eye candy due to the fact that there’s a ton of color used throughout the game, especially in the later parts when you come across this place called Shangri-La.

Now that's a wallpaper!

Now that’s a wallpaper!

The only problem I ever had with this game visually (and probably because it was on PC) is the flickering and graphical glitches that can occur that hopefully will get patched up later on.

Because nothing says irritating like everything flickering blue

Because nothing says irritating like everything flickering blue

Overall this is a fantastic game to say the least. Tons of content, multiple paths to victory and plenty of goodies to collect. This is definitely a game I can recommend. However, the lack of a proper ending, ease of difficulty, and the fact that you really only need 2 weapons to win the game despite the abundance available to you keep it from being absolutely perfect.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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