Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones will have 5 playable characters from same family

Telltale Games has been creating some intense and riveting games based on existing shows and movies like The Walking Dead. One of the anticipated games the studio is working on

Bullseye won’t be appearing in Netflix’s Daredevil?

Netflix and Marvel’s Daredevil will include characters we know from the vigilante’s world including The Kingpin (Vincent D’onofrio) and Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson). However, thanks to a response from showrunner Steven

Doctor Who: S8E12: Season Finale: ‘Death in Heaven’ trailer

The 8th season finale is here with the Doctor facing off with The Mistress (aka The Master). Finally, a Time Lord female regeneration! We’ll be seeing the aftermath of Missy

Hello Kitty Cafe is coming to Southern California!

The first Hello Kitty Cafe (there is a Sanrio Cafe in Hawaii)  in the United States is coming to Southern California! By the summer of 2015, Orange County will be

New Nintendo 3DS to be region-locked

The newest Nintendo 3DS is set to make its Western debut sometime in 2015, and yes, it will be region-locked; however, during a Q&A post-investor meeting Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata

Marvel teases ’90s X-Men for Summer 2015

The ’90s animated X-Men series is teased as the next mystery Marvel comic book event in Summer 2015. The image comes via and features Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Rogue, Professor

Weekend BANG! Episode 39: Hey! DC is Making Movies too!

What’s it do, people! Sir Aaron Carter is here bringing you a hot steaming episode of the Weekend Bang, and we talk all about the huge announcement in the comic

Peggy Carter to appear in Marvel’s Ant-Man?

Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man is likely set in the modern time with Paul Rudd, but we might be getting flashbacks featuring Peggy Carter. According to Project Casting, they are looking for a

Scarecrow will appear in Gotham

Even though Fox’s Gotham takes place before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, we still get to see a lot of his rivals including the Penguin, Falcone, the Riddler, Poison Ivy and