This is how BioWare deals with transgender in Dragon Age: Inquisition

how bioware deals with gender

You may hate on BioWare all you want about the ending of Mass Effect 3, but the one thing you can appreciate about them is their support of the LGBT community. In Mass Effect 3 and the Dragon Age series, you had the option of romancing a partner of the same sex. These are strong characters who have the option to choose their sexual lifestyle.

And then we have Dragon Age: Inquisition with its transgender character, Krem. He is a mercenary in a group called the Chargers, with its leader being Iron Bull. The transgender topic isn’t even brought up in the game until later on, and Iron Bull reveals that he isn’t phased one bit by a transgender person in a mercenary group. (He is a qunari after all, a big and tough race known for having horns on their heads.)

Jennifer Hale, who voiced female Commander Shepard, did the voice for Krem.

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