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Legendary Comics has recently released a new comic book series by writer Jonathan Hennessey and artist Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One, Shadow Walk) called Epochalypse (very clever title), a sci-fi adventure following a dystopian civilization as the result of the past, present and future mixing. Since time is now a fragile thing, an elite group of Resynchronization Officers is tasked with preventing Anachronisms, futuristic items that can doom humanity, from being used.

It’s not known what happened, but something has caused 600 years of human history from the past, present and future to collide together in one era. The cops here are kind of similar to the cops in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Timecop, since that movie is about a cop whose job is to stop criminals from altering time.

The comic starts off in a diner that seems to be taking place in the ’40s. A man wants his burger hot, and the waitress goes into a secret area in the kitchen to reveal a microwave not from their era. (The countertop microwave wasn’t introduced until the ’60s.) Well, the use of the appliance caused the Resynchronization Officers to head towards the diner to confiscate the Anachronism. Things get tensed, but it turns out that the item was acquired from a guy known as The Salesman.

I’m not sure if it will be explained in future issues, but I’m not sure what item constitutes as an Anachronism. If that microwave was used by a person from the ’60s, is he okay to use it? So if a person is from the future, is he allowed to use any items from their past?

It’s still the first issue, so there are many ways the series can go. I’m just hoping that the Anachronism plot device won’t break the story for Epochalypse.


Writer: Jonathan Hennessey
Artist by: Shane Davis
Release date: 11/19/14
Retail price: $3.99
Issue #1
Page count: 32

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