The Walking Dead S5E7 ‘Crossed’ review


We finally get to see everyone here!!! Rick, Carl, Judith, Michonne, Tyrese, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Daryl, Beth, Carol, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Noah, Dawn, Dr. Edwards, and even the Reverend all together!!! Well, not in the same scene, but in the same episode. Finally.

It ended with Carol being taken by Dawn’s police hospital people and Beth looking after her. Now, it’s up to Beth to protect Carol in this hospital dungeon with a questionable ally – Dawn. What motives does Dawn have? Probably because her force is out to get her and she needs more allies. Beth has proven herself strong, maybe she’s trying to align with her?

We also see Dawn wants Noah back and sends her policemen to find him. Now, he is working with Rick’s crew, so… you know shit is about to go down. Rick is able to take three of Dawn’s policemen as hostage to trade for Carol and Beth. It’s a good thing Daryl is there, because I have a feeling Rick is beginning to lose his sense of humanity. Ever since he brutally killed Terminus’ Gareth, Rick has the ‘kill them all’ mentality. It’s not good. Hopefully, Daryl could knock some sense into him.

In the meantime, we see Carl and Michonne at the church trying to calm the Reverend down. He’s really in a world of shock and actually escapes from the church, only to be confronted by a walker. He survived for now, but he’s still wandering the forest alone and defenseless. Poor guy. All his morals have been compromised.

We also see Abraham is still zoned out, Eugene is still passed out from Abraham’s punch, and Rosita, Tara, and Glenn bond over catching a fish. The scene between Rosita, Tara, and Glenn was kinda refreshing. We got to get away from the killing and actually had a scene where they had fun as a team.

Overall, this episode did jump a lot in the stories, but it wasn’t choppy and it gave us a little bit of everyone’s storyline. I’d like to see some Michonne/katana action eventually, because her and Carol are really the badasses of the show. Why are we leaving badass Michonne at the church?!

Next week’s episode ‘Coda’ is the mid-season finale and shows Rick meeting with Dawn to negotiate the terms, the Reverend becoming desperate to survive, and Beth being a badass.

The Walking Dead airs on Sunday on AMC.

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