Hackers want ‘equality’ at Sony Pictures, had aid from insider


Yesterday morning Sony Pictures was hacked, leaving their computer systems down. Locations affected included New York, and overseas. Sony Pictures in Culver City had its computers shut down as a safety precaution. Today, the system is still down. What’s the reason for the hacking? According to the hackers, they want “equality” and they have revealed that the attack was either aided or carried out by someone working inside Sony.

A statement was given to The Verge.

“We Want equality [sic]. Sony doesn’t. It’s an upward battle.”

It seems pretty vague but the attack yesterday clearly targeted Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton via a tweet, saying that he’s a “criminal.”

The hackers have said that if the demands aren’t met, sensitive internal data from Sony will be released. A hacker known as “lena” gave some information on what their plans were.

“Sony doesn’t lock their doors, physically, so we worked with other staff with similar interests to get in,” lena writes. “Im sorry I can’t say more, safety for our team is important [sic].”

Employees who went to work at Sony Pictures were greeted with an image of a red skeleton with the phrase stating the hackers did it. It lists a bunch of warnings with a deadline of November 24 at 11pm GMT.

The deadline is over, but it looks like the secrets haven’t been revealed yet. Reports are saying that the files are mostly non-sensitive, but the possibility of sensitive documents may be present among the files.

My question is whether or not one of the demands was to release Spider-Man to Marvel Studios. That would make a lot of Marvel fans happy.

Source: Deadline

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