Destiny’s first expansion, The Dark Below, comes December 9th

destiny expansion

For those of you getting tired of Destiny, Bungie has announced the game’s first expansion with “The Dark Below,” which is coming out on December 9th.

The expansion will come with new weapons, armor, gear, story quests and missions, cooperative activities with friends, and three multiplayer Crucible arenas called Skyshock, Pantheon, and The Cauldron.

Right now the Light level cap is 30, but with the new expansion, it will be raised to 32. The Bounty slots will also increase from five to ten.

Since players are spending plenty of time in the Tower, there will be a new creepy character, Eris, who will give players new quests and missions from in “The Dark Below.” She’ll also share stories about The Hive and their evil goals.

There will also be a new full-length, six-player raid, Crota’s End. As for the Strikes, there will be a co-op Strike for all platform, with the PlayStation getting one bonus Strike (it’s a timed exclusive for at least a year).

The expansion will retail for $20. Do you think it’s worth it for that price?

Source: Forbes

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