Have you ever wanted to be a Power Ranger?

Power Rangers Student AllianceIf you’re in high school, college, or a university you can sign up to join the Power Ranger Student Alliance. This program encourages teens to demonstrate the Power Ranger core values of helping others, friendship, and teamwork.

The announcement came this week from Saban Brands that the Power Rangers Student Alliance will be a national program. This all started because of the Florida Ranger Coalition, a group of high school students that started making mysterious appearances at multiple events, nonprofit fundraisers, all in Power Ranger Morphsuits. After seeing a lot of positive feedback and love from younger kids, the high school teen joined forces to do even more good. Together they raised awareness on anti-bullying and the importance of reading.

Elie Dekel, President of Saban Brands, had this to say about the group of high school students:

“We are inspired by the work of the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition’ and we hope with the launch of this program, we can further encourage their positive story and motivate other fans across all of Ranger Nation to get involved.”

The Power Rangers Student Alliance will encourage young adults to start local chapters at their own high school, colleges, and universities. Their goal will be to give back to their communities and raise funds for charity. The program was previewed at the 4th bi-annual Power Morphincon in Pasadena, CA, this past August. Members from the original Florida Rangers Coalition were invited to attend as VIPs to the event. The students, now graduated from high school, have recently revealed their identities and plans to start additional chapters on their college campuses.

“I could never have anticipated what an impact on my community and myself I would make through dressing up as a Power Ranger,” said Adam Cooper, co-founder of the ‘Florida Ranger Coalition’. “From the first smile of a little kid at a birthday party, to performing motivational speeches in a packed room full of troubled youth, I can see what an effect we’ve made in the community. I’m excited to see what new heights we can reach and new audiences we can impact as collegiate members of the Power Rangers Student Alliance.”

Those interested in the Power Ranger Student Alliance can register online at www.empower.powerrangers.com. You must be in high school or a college student to apply. Students are also encouraged to seek official “club” status from their schools. Those who register will also be offered 25% off their Power Rangers Morphsuits.

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