A-Audio Legacy over-ear Headphones with 3-Stage technology


When it comes to headphones people have different views in what they are looking for. Many people want a classy stylish brand that offers amazing sound quality. A-Audio wants to make its mark by bringing in a great-looking piece while also offering three different modes to enjoy in one.

When I first received the A-Audio, I made the mistake of judging the book by its cover. Thinking that the headphones were more style than substance, I quickly learned that A-Audio really wanted to bring the best of both worlds at a price that matches or beats its competitors and having a great sound experience. Inside you’ll find a hard leather travel case, two audio cables with one featuring a microphone and volume control, cleaning cloth, warranty card and 1/4″ gold-plated adapter.



One of the first things you’ll notice about the Legacy Headphones is the letter A embossed on each earcup. The right side features a removable plate to place two AAA batteries, and underneath each cup is a slot to connect your audio cables. The Legacy Headphones feature cross-stitch padding that covers the entire headband, very comfortable earcups that can be worn for hours without any irritation, and it is collapsible in case you need more space to store them outside of the travel case.


From music buffs to casual listeners, it will be like night and day listening to your music on the A-Audio Legacy Headphones when compared to any other brands. While running on two AAA batteries, you can cycle between Active Noise Cancellation along with Bass Enhancer, which can just make your experience that much greater. Unlike other competitors, you can still use the Legacy Headphones when the batteries are dead (the other two modes won’t be available though).

To test the audio, I listened to songs from Green Day to J-Rock bands like Bump of Chicken. With the bass enhancer you felt and heard every beat in the music, while listening to a crisp clear sound while with the active noise canceler you lost yourself to all the outside noises with ease.

Next as a gamer, I decided to connect the Legacy Headphones to my PlayStation 4 controller and play Destiny. It was the best and worst idea but not for any bad reasons. You haven’t heard the soundtrack of the game until you’ve heard it with enhanced bass and crystal clear sound, which just takes you away into space. When the time came to play in the player vs. player mode, the audio is crystal clear when it comes to every shot, step and even the background song, but it just put me more in the zone compared to my bluetooth headphones.

Final Reaction


A-Audio’s Legacy Headphones is definitely one of the top contenders available now that adds some style and durability to to a studio-quality experience. While not the cheapest brand on the market, it makes up for it with its commitment to amazing sound and the active noise cancellation option. Using two AAA batteries isn’t the ideal move, but they do surprisingly last for a good amount of time. (I only needed to switch it out once after using it often over the period of a week.)

The A-Audio Legacy Headphones isn’t cheap (retailing at $299.99). You are getting a lot more than you pay for compared to from other competing well known brands in the same price range.

Available in Liquid Chrome or Phantom black, you won’t be disappointed. If you are looking for a wireless experience, A-Audio has the Icon Wireless Headphones coming soon featuring Bluetooth 4.0 for $80 dollars more.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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