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I, like many, grew up with the 8-bit Nintendo system. I upgraded to the 16-bit generation with the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. Even with the new consoles out like the PS4 and Xbox One, I still go back to games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and Mega Man. There are many reasons to go back, including doing speed runs.

So when a company is taking some of those retro series and giving them new life, how could I say no? We got to check out some of the items the retro gaming store offers.


If you collect Nintendo 64 games, you know how frustrating it can be to find a game if it’s stacked together. Unlike the Nintendo and Super Nintendo games, the top parts of the Nintendo 64 games have no label.


Here is what it looks like after unfolding the whole thing. You’ll find 361 stickers for Nintendo 64 games to place on the top of your cartridge. It’s great for starting collectors and those who don’t have boxes to all their games. The whole thing costs $70, but the labels are worth it since they are made to look like it was originally part of the game’s label. I have to say, some look better than others and you can tell which one got more love.


We also got the chance to check out Mario-inspired coasters. I couldn’t but help but laugh, since it reminded me of my family saying that I should always use coasters to prevent staining on furniture. An 8-piece set retails for $9 and gives you 2 Mario, 2 Mushrooms, 2 Goombas and 2 Question Mark Box custom coasters.


My favorite item from the box was this awesome 8-bit Link pin. Link has never looked so good, and now he is the star on my camera bag. All that’s left is an 8-bit sword pin. (It’s not safe out there.)

8 Bit Evolution does quite a bit more. Visiting their site you’ll see lots of custom consoles and handhelds inspired by some of the best retro game series. It’s impossible not to want one, but they are a bit expensive. The amount of work they put into the design is well worth it for collectors and retro gamers. That’s not all, as you’ll find custom game boxes, shirts, accessories and perler beads art on their site as well.

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