Sarah Connor vs Jason Voorhees fan film

sara connor vs jason voorhees slashup terminator

Thanks to Bat in the Sun and Ultimate Fan Fights, we were able to see some of our favorite heroes from video games and comic books go toe to toe with each other in live-action. Video games and comic books are cool, but what about film?

Now thanks to Slash/Up, the first episode has introduced us to Terminator‘s Sarah Connor vs. Friday the 13th‘s Jason Voorhees. You might think it’s an unfair fight, but Jason does have weaknesses.

Unlike Bat in the Sun, the winner isn’t determined by fan votes. If you’re a fan of a certain character, you might not like the outcome.

If you enjoyed the first episode, the Slash/Up team is doing a Kickstarter to fund the second episode featuring Freddy Krueger vs. Neo. To help out, visit here.

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