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The franchise of Dragon Age has been around since 2009 and frankly, after the reviews of Dragon Age II that surfaced at either end of the critique spectrum, players are becoming increasingly antsy and skeptical if BioWare’s third installment of the series will hold up to all the hype that has been surrounding it.

Long games are customary of BioWare, ultimately imploring players to sink their teeth into the immersive and expanded stories allowing them to explore a real world. On average BioWare stories require twenty to forty hours to complete, and surely one could get away with strictly doing only the main storyline and still come away with a significant and evocative experience from Inquisition.

DAINR1According to BioWare Producer Cameron Lee, Dragon Age: Inquisition will take an all-encompassing 150 and 200 hours to complete all the content available, which isn’t anything new to the Dragon Age Empire, considering the moderately lengthy playthrough time with the precursors to Inquisition. Even with the differing world compared to the release of Dragon Age II, the lengthy gameplay may in fact be what Dragon Age: Inquisition needs in the current market. However, it is the stackable experiences from the story, combat, and romances that lead to the essence of what Dragon Age is all about.

With that being said, in addition to single-player campaigns, players can give the multiplayer co-op a go. Naturally, in traditional multiplayer co-op is the goal for one’s team to complete an objective and frankly, the premise in Inquisition is still the same: a four-player cooperative quest, which is entirely detached from the single-player open-world play. According to the Dragon Age: Inquisition FAQ, the aspect of the Inquisition allows for an “action-packed dungeon-crawling four-player co-op experience that lets gamers play with their friends for the first time in the Dragon Age franchise.” However, there is a caveat to this tale: Multiplayer is only allowed for people who share the same platform as you; no cross-platform play is available, at least not at this time.

DAINR2A great component to the Dragon Age franchise is that nothing you do in the multiplayer setting will affect your single player campaign. Although multiplayer allows friends to play together, any player will still receive a full experience of in game play in single-player mode, as it is not contingent to play through the multiplayer dungeon-crawls to complete the game. And while multiplayer and single player gameplay are distinct in their roles in the franchise, both were developed together. According to BioWare, “The multiplayer environment gave us a perfect opportunity for testing combat, creatures, and encounter design, and since the two environments are near-identical, every improvement spread to both parts of the game.”

Of course, as with most multiplayer campaigns, there will be in-game purchases available. Platinum is the name of currency that one can buy with money; however, there is no need for spending real dough for in-game buys. Anything you can buy is available for purchase with the gold coins you get from dungeon crawling. In other words since there are no pay walls, you can use premium currency, but you really do not have to if you don’t want to. Just because you spend Premium, doesn’t mean you will actually have any extra advantage over multiplayer players who only spend gold.

DAINR3For the co-op campaign, Inquisition has enlisted a full challenge system that will be in place at the launch. While completing challenges will give you a reward, the system of weekly operations allows players to search, sort, and track a variety of challenges allowing both players and BioWare to improve engagement by allowing achievements. That being said, despite the supposedly leak of the Dragon Age: Inquisition achievement list along with the exclusive multiplayer achievements, there really aren’t (at least that I have found) any strictly for the multi-player aspect. Which brings me back to the main point, the weekly challenge system: by issuing such challenges and objectives, BioWare is allowing friends to come back weekly to complete assignments and earn rewards.

In the future, will BioWare release a full multiplayer campaign for Dragon Age? Sure, it’s possible –who is to say that it won’t happen? If we were to refer back to the FAQs release, BioWare simply stated they wanted to “focus on five key aspects: Open World, Story, Characters, Visuals, and Inquisition.” Moreover, if one were to take any of those aspects and overlay them with the need to progress in the multiplayer fighting style, a full campaign wouldn’t be plausible at this time. We all understand just exactly how complex game creation and generation is.

DAINRKEEPIn the meantime, rumor has it that Dragon Age Keep, the browser-based system that allows players to export heroes and world slates to their Dragon Age: Inquisition game will be a step in the right direction for save import systems. BioWare’s website states, “they’re using this system rather than a traditional save import system because it’s easier to fix errors with a web-based system, and it allows players who’ve changed platforms or haven’t played prior games to still set up the world as they’d like”. In essence, Dragon Age Keep allows players the ease of importing, exporting, as well as synchronizing all their data though their Origin ID on the PC.

Dragon Age Keep is set for a public beta opening “in a few weeks,” as where Dragon Age: Inquisition will launch on November 18th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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