Ryan Gosling meets for Doctor Strange, Suicide Squad and Houdini


Hey girl, for you I’ll consider doing a superhero film. Okay, that’s a bad Ryan Gosling “Hey girl” joke but the fact of the matter is that Ryan Gosling is a very picky actor when it comes to the films he stars in. He’s come close before (Green Lantern) but declined to take on the role due to his desire not to be tied to any future sequels.

However, The Hollywood Reporter is noticing certain actions done by the actor that makes them believe that Gosling might be ready to take on a big studio franchise. In the past few weeks, Gosling has met with Marvel Studios to discuss starring in Doctor Strange and Summit Entertainment for The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero. In addition he’s being courted by Warner Bros to star in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film. Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie are also in talks to star in Suicide Squad.


The aforementioned Doctor Strange is the most intriguing of films he’s met for, primarily due to the heavy amount of films that Marvel Studios requires from its actors. However, considering how close Joaquin Phoenix (another picky actor) was to becoming Stephen Strange, this project might intrigue the actor and commit to a multiple film contract.


But if he were to take on a superhero role, my money would be on Gosling joining the Suicide Squad. Gosling has a great relationship with Warner Bros and Suicide Squad doesn’t have a sequel planned in the long list of DC films that Warner Bros announced earlier. It’s a win/win situation for Gosling.


In other Doctor Strange news, THR is also reporting that The Leftovers star Justin Theroux is also one of the actors vying for the role of Doctor Strange. Theroux also co-wrote the script for Iron Man 2.

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