Is Marvel saying ‘Go Fox yourself’ by teasing the end of X-Men and Fantastic Four?

X-Men and Fantastic Four

There are many fans who hate Fox for having the rights to both the Fantastic Four and X-Men films. Nothing would be better than to have the two franchises fall back into Marvel Studios’ hands. However, Fox isn’t stupid to let these properties go, since they are making bank. A lot of rumbling from the Internet is happening, with many thinking that Marvel is planning something to piss off Fox.

During New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics has teased the end of the Fantastic Four and X-Men in the comic book universe. With the Fantastic Four teaser, we see “The end is FOURever,” with a “1” right behind the word fourever. This sounds like Marvel Comics wanting to permanently end the Fantastic Four comic book series.

fantastic four marvel nycc

Next up is the X-Men teaser featuring Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch with the phrase, “No more mutants.” Hmmmm…. this is too much of a coincidence.

no more mutants nycc x-men

The X-Men universe is filled with a lot of characters and is one of Marvel’s hot properties. As for the Fantastic Four, I can understand them biting the dust. However, if this is Marvel’s way of trying to get at Fox, I doubt it will work, since Fox has a lot of stories and characters to choose from, thanks to the rich history of the X-Men.

In a recent podcast with Nerdist (via Bleeding Cool), comic book writer Chris Claremont said that X-Men writers aren’t allowed to create new characters.

“I have to say quite honestly as I understand it now the X department is forbidden to create new characters.


“Well… who owns them?

“All because all new characters become the film property of Fox.

“There will be no X-Men merchandising for the foreseeable future because, why promote Fox material?”

A part of me is cheering because I’m not a fan of Fox having the rights, but I thought they did great with X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yes, I’m torn. Perhaps Kitty Pryde traveled back in time to warn Marvel about Fox’s future movie plans, and this is them taking her advice?

What do you guys think of this? Would you like to see Fox letting go of the Fantastic Four and X-Men film rights to Marvel Studios? Are you okay with Fox keeping the X-Men rights as long as Bryan Singer is directing? Sound off on the comments section below!


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