NYCC 2014: Disney previews Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland


By Joshua Kaye

It’s impossible for you to go wrong when you start your day off with Disney. The first panel of the day on the Main Stage at New York Comic Con, Disney presented two of their most anticipated projects coming out over the next few months. Big Hero 6 has been making the rounds now through trailers and clips and the plot is pretty known for the most part. It seems like a fun animated movie and something that will lead to more collaborations with Marvel and Disney Animations. But Tomorrowland…what do we actually know? Before today, nothing. After today? Well…still close to nothing.

Beginning with Big Hero 6, first to come out was moderator Chris Hardwick. As someone who has seen him everywhere on every show… I did geek out a bit over this. Joining him to stage were directors Don Hall & Chris Williams and producer Roy Conli. The three of them introduced the first of several clips from Big Hero 6. In the first clip, Hiro’s older brother, Tadashi, brings Hiro to his academy so he can maybe influence Hiro to begin using his intelligence for something other than robot fighting. He introduces Hiro to a few of his classmates and their experiments — Go Go, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred. After meeting his classmates, Tadashi brings Hiro to his experiment — the giant and lovable Baymax.

After this clip, Hardwick introduces Jamie Chung (Go Go), Genesis Rodriguez (Honey Lemon), and T.J. Miller (Fred). Another clip was introduced shortly and it’s something we’ve seen in trailers before — Baymax needs to be charged and Hiro has to sneak Baymax up the stairs past his Aunt. This proves to be a difficult task since Baymax, with his battery close to empty, is pretty much like a drunk human being. It takes a bit of effort, but Hiro is able to get Baymax up the stairs and to his charging dock.

After this second clip, Hardwick introduces Ryan Potter (Hiro) and Scott Adsit (Baymax). Every seat at this point is filled and the only one of the main cast that’s missing is Damon Wayans. Lucky for us in the audience, there are two more clips that are shown before the panel is finished!

Clip number three has Hiro upgrading Baymax to be an actual protector and not just a nurse. He upgrades Baymax’s fighting abilities by inserting a chip of karate moves and provides Baymax with his first set of armor. This leads into the fourth clip – Hiro and Baymax attempting to defeat the villain, a supernatural being wearing a kabuki mask. They fail and go on the run with the help of Hiro’s brothers classmates, all of them piling into Wasabi’s car. What comes next is the group driving as fast as possible to avoid the wrath of the kabuki mask wearing villain.


This about wraps up the Big Hero 6 panel and leads right into the panel for Tomorrowland. Coming out for the Tomorrowland panel are director Brad Bird and screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof. Hardwick pops the question right away…what exactly is this movie about? And finally, for the first time, a teaser trailer for Tomorrowland is released (the same exact one that’s been posted on the internet now). After the teaser, three actors come out onto the stage — Raffey Cassidy, Britt Robertson (who plays the lead female role Casey), and Hugh Laurie. There was a surprise though for all of us at Comic Con — George Clooney, who came out after Hugh Laurie was jokingly bad mouthing the experience of working with him.

Clooney, who was expected to be on his honeymoon, made a pit-stop at New York Comic Con and brought with him the gift of another clip that shed a little bit more light on the story. A description of the clip: Casey (Robertson) travels to Frank Walker’s (Clooney) house in an attempt to figure out why she was given a special pin that possesses the power to teleport her to what can only be described as “Tomorrowland.” Walker attempts to get rid of the girl by ignoring her completely. When she continues to bang on the door, Walker pushes a button that knocks Casey off his porch with some sort of pulse. Casey sits at the door and waits, even waiting in the rain. A proximity warning goes off and he sees a plow on fire heading towards his house. With an amplified fire extinguisher, he freezes the plow completely. As he turns back to his house, Casey is already inside and locks the door behind her. She investigates his house and finds his security room that also has a timer counting down. Clooney is able to get back in his house and threatens the girl, telling her to leave. But outside of the house, an officer yells for Frank to return the girl. At that moment, he locks up his house to the max as metal grates cover the windows and doors, preventing anyone from getting in. This proves no match for the officer and his “friends”, who end up being a group of robots. Walker and Casey must fight their way through the robot horde and find an exit out of the house and some place they go for safety.

The clip was full of some pretty intense action and, while still not giving a whole lot of information as to what the movie is about, we now know there are robots and a grizzled and angry George Clooney. All in all, Disney absolutely delivered in every way and started off the Main Stage of New York Comic Con with a big, BIG bang. Big Hero 6 has the chance to be one of the most memorable animated films of the year while Tomorrowland has catapulted itself into one of my most anticipated films of 2015.

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