Kraken Con 2014: A quick rap with Nikki Rapp

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October 4th kicked off 2014’s second of the bi-annual Oakland con, Kraken Con. While there I had a chance to sit in on a panel with a voice actress who has been heard by millions. This is none other than the wonderful Nikki Rapp who has been in the voice acting game for about 15 years. She landed her first major voice acting role in 2003 voicing the kids in the Sims franchise. After that she has landed roles in multiple games including developer Telltale Games’ Tales of Monkey Island, Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse, and as Lilly in the colossal success that is The Walking Dead.

I had a few moments to speak with Nikki after her panel about some of the roles she has played and roles she would like to have an opportunity at. We also spoke about her past and how she used to help out in hostels overseas and some of the amazing experiences and memories she made. After speaking I was instantly reminded of a few things, one of them being something I learned from my theatre days back in school. What is it? It’s to experience as much of the world as you can so that you have more to pull from when portraying a character and also to never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Sure our voices lend well to certain tropes of characters, but do not let this limit you because you never know what a director is looking for in a character.

For Nikki, being Lilly in The Walking Dead was a great opportunity for her, since prior to landing this role, she had mainly been typecast as little kids or cute forest critters. Being Lilly has helped increase the pool of her character range which is only certain to open up more doors for her in the future.

So the biggest piece of advice I learned that I wanted to share with other aspiring voice actors is to get your voice out there and audition for any role that interests you, whether you think you will get it or not. You may be surprised of what you are truly capable of.

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