Attack on Kraken Con 2014

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Kraken Con is a two-day convention that was held at the Oakland Convention Center for the last 2 events. It features anime, cartoons, games and comics and focuses on enjoyable experience thanks to cool guests, awesome panels, fun events and sweet merchandise. Kraken Con is one of the youngest conventions, with its first year being held just last year on October 5th in San Francisco. One of their major focuses is to create an open and inviting convention for fandoms of all genres to come together and celebrate the worlds and characters we enjoy.

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They have multiple areas within the convention center for artists, a photo studio, Maid cafe, theater and even a local game scene that holds tournaments where you can try your skill against others and to see who is truly the best in your area. Kraken Con held tournaments this time for all sorts of gamers including Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultra Street Fighter IV, and even Just Dance, each with their own prize pool for the winners and runner ups.

Another cool element are the vendors and artists. I spoke with a few of them and some even traveled from out of state to sell their goods to fans. There is usually a very good variety as well that range from stickers, decals, artwork to stuffed animals, weapon replicas and much more.

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Kraken Con has come and gone once again, and for those of you who missed it, you missed out on a pretty sweet con. Now the con doesn’t have the size and budget of the bigger ones like Comic-Con or Wizard World, but what it lacks in size it makes up in experiences. The smaller conventions, just like this one, have a certain charm that is often lost in the bigger ones. I often see a lot more attendees reaching out and forming possible long-lasting friendships at these smaller cons because a majority of the attendees are usually local to the area. The smaller cons are important to the community, it gives the fans from different gaming and anime backgrounds a reason to come together and share their experiences. It also gives fans like myself more opportunities with the special guests as I have more time to talk to them and maybe learn more about one of their favorite voice actors or artists. So whether you have been to 100 cons or never attended one, it’s recommended.

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