Slender Man joins American Horror Story: Freak Show?

american-horror-storyFans are just a few weeks out from Season Four of AHS TV series,  American Horror Story: Freak Show. All month long FX has been releasing clips and new teasers for the upcoming season. One of the more recent videos released has caused quite a stir online because many believed that it reveals the internet’s own horror icon, Slender Man.

Slender Man is an entirely fictional character that was created online through the forums of Creepy Pasta. His popularity has greatly surged in the last few years thanks to the web series Marble Hornets and the Slender video game. More recently, Slendy received a lot of mainstream attention due to two female teens that tried to stab their friend in service to Slender Man.

There is no official word if this new character is in fact Slender Man. All that we can tell is he is very tall and lanky. Fans have pointed out the similarity between the new Freak Show teaser and the photo Creepy Pasta has for Slender Man’s bio.


The two images are strikingly similar. Slender Man’s lore does revolve around him preying on children to turn them into proxies, people who have fallen under Slender Man’s control. There’s no telling what American Horror Story has in store for fans with this new big guy lumbering around. Only time well time

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs October 8th only on FX.

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