‘Mr. Pickles’ coming to Adult Swim!

Mr. Pickles

Man’s best friend is their furry companion – the dog. But, what if your cute, cuddly pup was actually a vicious serial killer? Adult Swim takes this on with Mr Pickles, a new show following the good old boy cartoon Squidbillies.

So, what is Mr. Pickles about?

Mr. Pickles is just like your ordinary companion, a cute collie that loves his owner, but just happens to kill not-so-good people savagely when his master isn’t looking. He likes his belly rubbed and loves to eat pickles, just as much as he loves to tear people apart in secret. Everyone in the town seems to think he’s simply a cute dog, except for Grandpa and his victims that is. But the victims aren’t talking and as for Grandpa, well, he must be crazy to think this cute-as-a-button dog could be a mass murderer.


Created by Will Carsola and Dave Stewart, the cast members include voiceover favorites Frank Collison, Jay Johnston and Kaitlyn Robrock in this 15-minute dark comedy.

Mr. Pickles is a truly unique concept. It covers a small town that has old fashioned values, but is slowly becoming more modernized. Mr. Pickles is the Dexter of Dogs coming for you if you haven’t been a good boy. This show is clearly made for those with a sick and twisted sense of humor. In other words, people like me.

While interviewing the creators, we found out that Mr. Pickles will be having the ultimate nemesis in the show. I’m hoping it will be an evil hamster, but that’s just my idea. The road to being a serial killer dog is not easy for Mr. Pickles, but it will be a hilarious one.

Tune in to for Mr. Pickles on Sundays at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim.

Cant wait? Head to adultswim.com to see the first episode now!

Your sick sense of humor will thank you!

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