GameStop Expo 2014 – It’s like E3, except open to CA gamers


Earlier this week we had a chance to attend the 2014 Gamestop Expo, which was held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. (Right across the street from Disneyland.)

Unlike E3, GameStop Expo is open to the general public with prices starting at $40. Companies like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, Square Enix, Ubisoft, EA and more showcased their upcoming titles that were all playable, with many being announced at E3. If you love video games and are in the Southern California area, you now have a chance to play early builds of upcoming titles way before anyone else, get some great swag, and even get a chance to talk to some developers and people from the companies. There are also special guests and a video game tournament for kids and adults.


Inside GameStop Expo

The event feels like E3, but the atmosphere is very different. If you got the VIP, you were able to go in early before the general attendees. This is definitely helpful since you’ll be able to avoid long lines at gaming stations like Advance Warfare and Mortal Kombat X. Even when the general attendees came in, the lines weren’t that bad (especially when compared to E3).

A lot of peripheral companies were also on hand like Sandisk, PDP, Plantronics, Turtle Beach, Nvidia and Madcatz. Attendees could get a chance to try out the different products to decide whether they want to buy them or not at GameStop once they’re released.


Weapons of The Order: 1886

GameStop also had a few booths set up which included a giant GameStop store. One was dedicated to showcasing Kongregatewhere players could learn more about the free online games. Another booth had some really cool giveaways like posters, steam codes and keychains, and another booth showcased many of GameStop’s Reward options that Power Up Reward members could redeem, even showing off some new upcoming goodies for Destiny.

The GameStop store itself was one giant GameStop shop that sold practically everything you could find at the actual or online. A few limited edition games were on sale, along with toys, statues, apparel and GameStop Expo limited edition items.


I didn’t know what to expect from GameStop Expo, and I was very happily surprised. It was more relaxed while also having a fun atmosphere. It doesn’t hurt that attendees were able to get lots of swag and even win a lot of cool prizes. The ability to play early builds of games is a great thing that normally only the press gets to do. I really do hope GameStop continues with more events down the line, since it’s a great way for every gamer to check out early builds.


2K Games also had a playable build of their game, and had Mr. Money in the Bank, Seth Rollins, there to play and sign autographs for fans.

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