Keanu Reeves and Roland Emmerich team up for ‘New Angeles’ TV series

keanu reeves roland emmerich

Slingshot Global Media announced today that Keanu Reeves, known for playing Neo in The Matrix Trilogy, and Roland Emmerich, known as the original Michael Bay with Independence Day, have teamed up to work on a new TV series called New Angeles.

Emmerich will be directing the pilot that’s set in the future. It follows a young man escaping a boring life to live his fantasies inside a virtual reality world called New Angeles. However, he goes deep in the rabbit hole that will create real world consequences for him and his family.

Reeves and his partner Stephen Hamel will executive produce under Company Films, with Emmerich also acting as executive producer. Slingshot Global Media will be producing and distributing the series.

Film and TV have always had a fascination with virtual reality, like The Matrix Trilogy, Gamer, 13th Floor and the anime series Sword Art Online. With Reeves and Emmerich on board, let’s hope we get to see some great action sequences using virtual reality.

Source: Slingshot Global Media

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