Videogame BANG! Episode 47: 2 Player Turbo Edition

videogame bang

Join Cory and Aaron this week as we take things retro! We go from a 4-Player show back to a 2-Player Turbo edition of the podcast just like the old days. We are taking shots at Cyber terrorist group Lizard Squad, and the streamers who played into their game. We got news about No Man’s Sky, Dragon Age Inquisition, Destiny, and A LOT of Nintendo news! Mario Kart 8 DLC, Pokken Tournament the list goes on and on. We do a round of Whattcha Playin’ and discuss our first impressions of Whispering Willows and The Long Dark, as well as our reviews on The Walking Dead Season 2 finale and The Regular Show Rigby Pack.

Boy o’ boy, let us know how you feel about the old skool format. Next week I’m sure we will be back with the same funky fresh lineup, but for this week, sit back relax and stuff your ear holes with some VIDEOGAME BANG! (Which sounds a lot dirtier than it is)

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