The League of Legends 2014 World Finals store to feature a new Ahri Nendoroid

Rito ahri

Fans have been begging Riot for licensed figures since season 1. Luckily, the first real figure, Pulsefire Ezreal, was given out to fans at the 2013 World Finals. With the huge rise in popularity, we’re beginning to see some merchandise that’ll have you throwing money at the screen in futile attempts. South Korean fans will be the first to enjoy the newly announced Ahri Nendoroid in collaboration with Good Smile Company. If you aren’t familiar with Nendos, they’re “Chibi” (Small and Cute) versions of the original character, and my is this one adorable.

The partnership with GSC will hopefully last out the entire roster. I don’t regularly enjoy Nendroroids, but for my favorites, I’ll always make that exception.

Also available is the new 2014 world finals track jacket. Hopefully, sizes other than XXL will be up for grabs this time around. Here’s hoping that U.S. fans will have direct access to these goodies as well, without resorting to ridiculous ebay prices for “exclusives”.

Any additional info can be found at the Interpark website.

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