Instagram is down. Everybody calm down!


Instagram appears to be currently down for the past 60 minutes (on and off) on Android, iPhone and web platform. You’ll notice the login box not loading and the 503/500 error when you can’t access the website.

Instagram has announced on Twitter they are experiencing technical difficulties.

With that, there seems to be a frenzy going on over the loss of access to Instagram. Fans are pouring their hearts out on the OTHER social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter.

I’d like to let everyone know: It’s going to be OK.

Who are we to blame?

A lot of people are hating on Instagram for this delay, but Instagram is trying to get back online. It’s their livelihood. So, if you’re looking for someone to blame… you could blame Ricky Gervais.

Just moments before the Instagram crash, Gervais just created an Instagram account. His response to the crash:

“I can’t believe I crashed Instagram. Really sorry.” *

Shame on you, Ricky Gervais. Shame on you, indeed.

(*The tweet was later deleted)

So now what do we do?


I know this sounds horrible, especially
since it’s lunchtime (US West Coast time) and you
need to take photos of your food to show to your friends, but don’t fret. Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook still works!

Plus, you could use your phone now to call and text your friends instead… Or maybe, you could actually sit and enjoy your food? Maybe?

Here are some things you could do until Instagram comes back up.

1. Go outside. Take a walk and enjoy the outdoors. I know you’re tempted to take a photo of the beauty that is outside (and you still can), but just have that moment for yourself. Sometimes things are better when they’re not captured and they just belong to you.

2. Actually get work done. So often we’re stuck on our phones during work, after work, at the gym, at a restaurant, in the bathroom, in the store… just everywhere. Maybe this could help you get back to work until it comes back on – Employee of the Year!

3. Talk to your friends. During meals, people often want to take photos of their food. This time, you could converse with the person you came with.

4. Work on your other social media outlets. Are you “Instafamous”? Well… work on your Twitter fame and/or Facebook page. Doesn’t hurt to be big on different outlets.

5. Find a cure for a disease. Okay, you may not be able to do this last part unless you work in a lab or in research, but just saying. Basically, just do anything else.

keepcalmI have to say, I am guilty of being on my phone too much on the social media networks, but it kinda helps being off the grid for a little bit. Also, once Instagram gets back up, you can use the hashtag: #latergram to post your photos that you took while it was down.

Everything will be OK. Instagram will be up and running soon enough.


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