Black Gold Online – ‘Campaign of Ashes’ announced (MMO)

To the handful of us that play MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), you may have heard of the Steampunk vs Fantasy game called Black Gold Online. Released in June of 2014, the game already has a major content update coming up with “Campaign of Ashes”. To be clear, Black Gold Online is Free-2-Play.

A new region to explore, the Ashen Copse features new Quests, World Bosses, and a high level open world PvP zone. There are also an increase to the level cap, a new “Skill Surge” system, and further expansion of content for Battlefields, Battle Carriers, Instances, Adventures, etc. Added to Black Gold’s system is the queuing and cross-server PvP system, emphasizing their competitive play. I mean, the fact that you have Battle Carriers to use in combat aside from your standard player character abilities is pretty cool!

Black Gold Online – Campaign of Ashes will be released on September 10. For more information, visit the Black Gold Online – Facebook at and their website at

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