A third of PS4 owners came from Wii or Xbox 360

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When it comes to the console wars, there are many gamers who are loyal to a certain brand. If you’re a Nintendo fan, you would purchase Nintendo consoles like the Wii U and Wii. If you’re a Microsoft fan, you would upgrade from an Xbox 360 to an Xbox One. Then there are those who switch or buy many consoles.

In a recent study, Nielsen reported that 31% of PlayStation 4 owners came from either the Wii or Xbox 360, owners who also didn’t own a PlayStation 3. 17% of PS4 owners had no previous old-gen consoles.

The study didn’t reveal whether the 31% owned a previous PlayStation console, like the PS1 or PS2, but it does make a point that there are some gamers who aren’t loyal to a specific brand when deciding on purchasing a new console.

Re/code supplied the data and the survey was conducted between February and April with 1,200 gamers from age 7 to 54.

So far the PlayStation 4 is doing great, selling 10 million consoles to consumers since November 2013.

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