Power Morphicon 2014 – The perfect place for the Ranger in you


Power Rangers fans from all over the world gathered at the Pasadena Convention Center in California to attend the fourth Power Morphicon. The three-day event was filled with cosplaying, special guests from the different Power Ranger and Super Sentai series, Power Rangers card game, autograph sessions and panels.


The main attraction of Power Morphicon was by far the exhibit hall, where different vendors were selling different Power Ranger and Super Sentai collectibles. There are many items from every Ranger/Sentai series from the past to the present, including some really cool custom artwork from different artists.


The Bandai booth was selling the limited edition Ranger keys which had people lining up hours ahead of opening. The Bandai booth also showcased the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce video game for the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the upcoming line of Power Ranger toys including the upcoming Legacy Titanus to complete your Ultrazord.


The Bandai Booth also showcased a few recently announced Legacy items that were showcased at San Diego Comic-Con with the Legacy White Tigerzord


The Legacy Saba the Shortsword and the White Ranger Power Morpher from the Power Rangers movie were also in display.


Bandai also had a special guest, Mr. Tony Oliver, who was a producer, script writer in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers along with doing voices in the show such as Saba.


We also had a chance to chat with with Greg Mitchell from Bandai and talk about the Power Rangers Legacy line and what’s next.

The exhibit hall also had another event going on as many different talents from the Power Rangers series were in attendance signing autographs and taking photos with fans. Fans of the original Zyuranger series could meet Yūta Mochizuki. Karan Ashley, Catherine Sutherland, Steve Cardenas and Jason Narvy were all at Morphicon, but Austin St. John, Walter Emanuel Jones and David Yost had huge lines.


Saban held a special panel on Saturday, which introduced the upcoming season of Power Rangers Super Megaforce. It was followed by a Q&A session, a trailer played for the next Power Ranger series, Power Rangers Dino Charge, which will air in February 2015. The cast was then revealed with James Davies playing the Black Dino Charge Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso playing the Blue Dino Charge Ranger, Brennan Mejia playing the Red Dino Charge Ranger, Camille Manning Hyde playing the Pink Dino Charge Ranger and Michael Taber playing the Green Dino Charge Ranger.


Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Saban Brands

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet you can watch it below:

After the panel finished the Super Megaforce cast signed autographs for 200 fans who lined up early. Overall Power Morphicon is a fun event. If you love Power Rangers definitely check out the next one in 2016 (which should be right after the Power Rangers movie is released). Below you can see the gallery of what else was around Power Morphicon which include tons of cosplay and even the Ninja Turtles.

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