Freedom Planet Review: Freeedooom!

2014-08-23_00007As a fan of the ’90s gaming era, I always look for throwbacks to one of gaming’s greatest periods of success. Freedom Planet, on Steam, has an all around feeling of classic gaming, but also feels like the natural progression of the 2-D side scrolling genre.

freedom planet

Your first impressions when you see the game will be, “Hey, this is Sonic,” and you couldn’t be more right. The art style is straight out of the Sega classic game. With its multiple layered side scrolling levels, robotic henchmen, and furry animal main characters, you’ll feel the classic style in every inch of the game. Even animations the characters have felt familiar yet new, keeping in the style of the old Sonic games. You stand still for a while, your character reacts. It put me back in the ’90s, but in a good way.

2014-08-23_00015Gameplay was very easy to pick up. If you have ever played a Sonic game you’ll get the picture right away, but where Sonic will speed through a full level and miss most of it, Freedom Planets characters slow it down just a tad. Each character from Lilac to Milla have their own special abilities to defeat their foes. The Karate-kicking Carol even uses a motorcycle with gas cans spread throughout the levels. More than just run and smash, Freedom Planet throw small mix ups in the loop. Mini boss battles, and small puzzles keep the game from feeling stale after running for so long. Challenging boss fights that culminate each level, begin with frustration, but after victory leaves you with a since of satisfaction. A fail and learn approach with each boss is very rare in video games today, only example that comes to mind is the Dark Souls series, but Freedom Planet hits the nail on the head in that area.


The sound of the game couldn’t be more perfect. The music fits very well with the overall game, and the sound effects come straight out of Sega’s library. All the characters in the game come with a professional sounding voice actor attached to them, by far the part I was most impressed by. I’ve played many indie games and the overall sound quality of this game tops many of them easily.

screen4.1Another thing that sets Freedom Planet apart for the old games it was inspired by, is the story. You don’t see to many story driven side-scrollers, but Freedom Planet went for it, giving you very well acted cut scenes that will have you anticipating next one. Plus playing with each character you’ll be treated to different points of views, tying the whole story together.


The overall vibe of Freedom Planet is one of satisfaction. You’ll want to go through the game with each characters to get more of the fun it provides, but with a different twists each time. Also the Multiple game modes, time attack, and classic mode will keep the perfectionist coming back for multiple runs. Production and sound quality for an indie game couldn’t be better. My only gripe would be no coop, but that’s really nit picking. With the promise of DLC on the way I see more Freedom Planet in my future, you should too.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

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