Disney set to release the original, unaltered Star Wars trilogy cut on Blu-ray


Is it December yet? Because I feel like Christmas has come to town. The one thing that all Star Wars fans have been clamoring for might actually happen. According to Comic Book’s sources, Disney/Lucasfilm is planning to re-release the original, unaltered cut of the first Star Wars trilogy on Blu-ray.

They’re also saying that “the project has been underway for quite some time, but it’s been challenging because of some damage to the original negatives they are utilizing.” This means that A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi will be released again on Blu-ray without the redone special edition special effects.

There isn’t an exact release date set for when the original cut of Star Wars will be released since there are many challenges that Disney has encountered in getting this together. One of those challenges is 20th Century Fox. Similar to their Marvel deal, Fox owns the distribution rights to all three films. They own the rights to A New Hope forever, while Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is theirs until 2020. The fact that this has been in development for some time makes me believe that some deal has been put forth between the two studios though. This is especially true if the plan is to release the unaltered, original cut Blu-ray set before Episode VII is released.

Either way, this means that this will end the Han shot first exclamations since it’s all coming back the way that we originally watched it. Hopefully a few of the CGI shots can stay in this version but I won’t argue if they don’t.

What do you guys think?

Star Wars: Episode VII makes to jump to theaters on December 18th, 2015.

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  • Indiana Bones

    “Hopefully a few of the CGI shots can stay in this version but I won’t argue if they don’t.”
    Get out.

    • Jamie Douglas

      No dessert for you.

    • Ken Humphlett

      Death to CGI. Long live Practical Effects!

    • krz

      Meeesa punch your dick!

  • Jack Attack

    As long as Han shoots first and Hayden’s ghost takes a hike, then that’s all that’s needed.

    • Victor E. Quintana

      Are you serious? If you REALLY knew the original film you wouldn’t spew such garbage……

      You’re implying Greedo shot at all. He didn’t. The phrase should be “Han Shot.” Period. The end. Greedo never fired. Technically…yes, Han shot “first”, but it was also the ONLY shot.

      • Jason H

        NIce try George Lucas!

      • lancesackless

        Nerd semantics.

        • thomskis

          Not really. The fact that Han fires the only shot is an important character beat.

    • pHitzy

      What, so you want the dance number in Jabba’s palace and the recently added “No. NOOOOOO!!” at the end of Jedi?

      You are a prime example of why not everyone deserves opinions.

  • http://www.doodlesinanimation.blogspot.com Annie T.

    HALLEUIA AND PRAISE THE LORD! As a young nerd who has yearned to see these films in their original pure form, but has never had a chance: the day has come!

  • John Lindauer

    THANK GOD. (the special edition of “A New Hope” was just god awful.)

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  • Carlos Sax

    Lol, reading this, all I could think of where, will they have solo shoting Greedo (as in original) or will they be lame and do the whole “han solo is not a egoistic crooked smuggler whom only cares for himself”-(which he todelly is)-bullshit. As in the first case, I will for sure buy this blue rays, even doe I HATE; hate is such a nice world, for what I feel for Disney, they can suck my hairy nuts, nazi-scums

    • catch22

      I cant take you seriously when you cant spell the words totally, though, and word.

      • catch22

        actually the more i look at your post the more I’m offended by your blatant lack of grammar and spelling ability. I hope for your sake you arent actually from an English speaking country

        • Jules

          Also, the misuse of the word ‘whom’ is painful. It’s sort of colloquially acceptable to use “who” where “whom” should be, but vice versa? Kills me.

  • Stephanie Bauer

    This probably isn’t true, Fox still owns the rights to the original film and I believe that they own the rights to the first film forever, their rights to ‘Empire’ and ‘Jedi’ don’t expire until something like 2020 if I remember correctly. If they aren’t involved in working on a release I don’t see this happening soon.

    • CraziFuzzy

      Fox, however, was not the one against the rerelease. That was Lucas himself. Now that he’s pretty much out of the picture, why wouldn’t Fox want to sell a bunch more blurays?

    • z7gizzyz7 .

      Fox would never work on a restoration for films they don’t own. Disney would definitely be the ones restoring it.

  • Scott Falkner

    If these are the original theatrical releases, then the first one isn’t called A New Hope.

    • CraziFuzzy

      well, the script was…

  • Steve Sabbai

    I doubt this is true. They say this every year.

  • z7gizzyz7 .

    I’d be furious if they left in CGI! Seriously, it has nothing to do with which changes were good, it has to do with restoring the original films. Leave Special Edition/Original Edition combinations to fan edits.

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