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Going into its 16th year running, EverQuest is still kicking and running! While some of the mainstream audience sees World of Warcraft being the longest running MMO, EverQuest still receives content updates to support its hundreds of fans across the globe. While it is common for gamers to move on to the next best thing, there are those whose bonds as a community keep EverQuest alive for years on end!

The Darkened Sea was announced at SOE Live 2014. As EverQuest’s 21st expansion to date, The Darkened Sea brings back the iconic High-Elf heroine Firiona Vie and the sinister Lanys T’Vyl. The Darkened Sea expands on storylines from a previous expansion, The Burning Sea (2007), paying tribute to its content while also bringing eight new zones at launch. Traditionally new expansions offer a new level cap; this one brings players to a maximum of level 105 (previously capped at level 100). The Darkened Sea also features: new spells, armor, weapons, gear, quests, dungeons, and raids. This is classic MMO fare, so don’t expect anything mind-blowing— this is EverQuest!

So what’s this new expansion about? It’s a classic Good versus Evil kind of story. Firiona Vie travels to the structure called the Katta Castrum, seeking to heal the sickened Emperor of the Combine Loyalists. Unfortunately she discovers that Lanys T’Vyl has kidnapped him. Some of the locations you’ll be seeing are the Caverns of Endless Song where players will be dealing with a love-sick Siren Queen, Thuliasaur Island which is full of lizardmen and dinosaurs, the sunken Dwarven fortress of Degmar, and the magical architecture of Arx Mentis.

Aside from content, there are improvements to the looting system so you won’t be dealing with the Ninja-Looting issues of the past. With this improvement is the option to loot specific items and abstain from looting others, keeping you from looting duplicates and filling your bag tidy. Also there will be a Mount Keyring, so you can find easier access to your multitude of mounts. I’d also like to point out that among all SOE games, this one also uses PlayerStudio, where players can use item templates and create custom material to put on market and personally make some income from it.

EverQuest – The Darkened Sea arrives on October 28 for All-Access Subscribers, November 11 for Free-2-Play. For more information visit Sony Online Entertainment at and EverQuest at







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