Our experience with the Silent Hills P.T. Interactive Teaser from Hideo Kojima

silent hills pt interactive teaser

Okay, so if you missed it yesterday, Silent Hills was announced in the P.T. Interactive Teaser. Once beaten, it reveals that Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid series) and Guillermo del Toro (Pacific Rim) are involved in the making of the game. Starring in the game will be actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead). With the news, my fellow NR teammate, Mark, and I decided to check it out. What we experienced was probably the most terrifying game we’ve ever played, and I’ve played games like Slender, Amnesia, Outlast, Fatal Frame, and previous Silent Hill games.

First off the teaser was a bit hidden on the PSN. Going to the Spotlight Section, you’ll have to navigate through some extra pages to find it. It’s not flashy and once you find it, you’ll find out that it’s a quick download (a little over a gig). I’ll admit that I had to have Mark in my chat party in order for me to plow through the game.

silent hills pt interactive teaser 2

The game is using the FOX Engine, and clearly the interactive teaser shows off the very realistic setting. You’re inside a house and trapped in a hallway that seems to go on for an eternity. The lighting, walls, doors, frames, windows, floor and bathroom all look amazing and detailed. The realistic graphics really enhances the scare factor, but if you have a nice headset or surround sound setup, it amplifies the immersion that much more. You’ll be hearing a lot of creepy sounds like a baby crying and a suffering ghost.

The gameplay is in first person view with very limited options. You can walk around and zoom in. When zooming in on items of “importance”, it’ll zoom in some more. The game really pushes you towards the wild. You’ll be given no clues or hints, as you’ll have to walk and examine things and hope that it will help you progress further.

The first section has you looking for pieces missing from the picture frame on the wall near the clock. When you find these pieces, it will form a photo of a woman (who’s presumed to be the ghost haunting the house). The words when looking at the photo say:

My voice, can you hear it?
This sign, can you read it?
I’ll wait forever if you’ll just come to me.

As you progress, you’ll hear news from the radio talking about how a man has killed his wife and their unborn child. The unborn child can be found in the sink inside the bathroom…crying. The dead woman haunts you throughout the game, sometimes even resetting you back into the beginning room.

The second section then turns into a weird maze in the same hall. You’re able to run fast, and the picture frames are filled with creepy eyeballs that are moving around, with the lamp illuminating red. The secret to passing this section is to look for a fallen frame on the ground. After that, look up on the wall where the frame used to be and you’ll see a peephole that leads into the bathroom. Looking inside you’ll hear the murderous act from the man.

The last section is definitely a head-scratcher. As you walk through the hall over and over again, your flashlight will change colors. The ghost appears randomly as you’ll see it in the hallway, inside the bathroom, and outside the windows. Sadly, Mark and I gave up after playing for a couple of hours. There may be a sequence we need to do, but it feels so random that we decided to quit. All we know is that the final moment you have to be looking at the phone. Someone on the other end will say, “You have been chosen.” After that, it leads to the reveal of Silent Hills.

Check out a portion of my Let’s Play below.

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