World of Warcraft 10th Anniversary preview

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since Blizzard unleashed their money printing machine onto the PC gaming world and changed what a massive multiplayer game is. Every year Blizzard does something cool for their yearly anniversaries, but this year we’re getting a small preview of things to come before Warlords of Dreanor gets released.


For those unfamiliar with the earlier PvP days, two areas that were constantly at odds with each other were Tarren Mill and Southshore, each town trying to gain control of the other. For the anniversary, a team deathmatch will open up to finally decide a victor.

In the early days of WoW, Molten Core was the first raid instance introduced (and anyone who remembers the attunement process remembers how much of a pain in the ass it was, until the Black Temple one arrived). For the anniversary, it’s being revamped for max players in the form of a special 40-man raid, and everyone has a chance to win a Core Hound mount. What’s a core hound you ask?

Actual mount size may vary

Actual mount size may vary

But of course the one thing everyone will be bragging about is getting the fiery corgi battle pet. It’s a cute little corgi, but on fire! Thankfully all you need to do is just log in and you’ll receive one that will bind to your account, so each of your characters can take selfies with the little ball of fire.


Just pray that it doesn’t poop

So if you’re an old veteran of the game, like myself, or just want a taste of something before Warlords of Dreanor gets released,┬áthe 10th year Anniversary is a good reason to dust off your account.

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