Ridley Scott’s Exodus is being called ‘racist’


Ridley Scott is directing the upcoming Exodus: Gods and Kings, a biblical story about Moses and Ramses, and it has already received controversy for casting white actors to play Egyptian and Israelite characters. Blue-eyed actor Joel Edgerton will be playing Egyptian pharaoh Ranses II. Sigourney Weaver will be playing his mother, Queen Tuya. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul will be playing Israelite leader Joshua, and Christian Bale will be playing Moses.

Tariq Nasheed, who directed the race documentary series Hidden Colors, is outraged because the film is “redefining history.” On his Facebook, he wrote:

“The storyline takes place in ancient Africa, but all the African Kings and Gods are portrayed by white actors and all the slaves, thieves and ‘lower class’ Egyptians are played by Black actors.”

exodus racist

As you can see, all the main characters are played by whites, while the side characters are played by blacks.

“When I saw they have Sigourney Weaver playing an African queen, I was done.”

It’s no surprise that Hollywood likes to cast actors to play a different ethnicity. We’ve seen this with Ben Kinglsey as Gandhi, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin, and recently Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Greek hero Hercules.

According to SMH, someone has mentioned that the movie is “obscenely racist.”

What do you guys think?

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