SDCC 2014: The Legend of Korra video game sneak peek!

New-Friends-Legend-of-Korra-avatar-the-legend-of-korraIf you’ve watched Avatar: The Last Airbender television series on Nickelodeon, then you’re most likely a fan of The Legend of Korra television series as well. In a nutshell, Korra’s story takes place 70 years after the ending of Aang’s adventures in the original series. Korra’s character, who’s considered a child prodigy in bending, is a little more brash and heard-headed, and is the complete opposite to Aang’s playful nature and child-like innocence. Also, Korra already has access to all the elements, except for air in the beginning, which is in reverse correlation to Aang; he only knew how to bend air and had to eventually learn the other elements. Basically, Korra is a badass compared to Aang and you will actually get to control her and all her bending abilities in the new game. (Yeah I just said she’s better than Aang. Haha…)


We were very lucky to be able to take a quick look at how The Legend of Korra video game was shaping up to be, and it looks and controls phenomenally. I have always been a fan of cell shaded style games, especially if they are based on an existing animation series and I’m glad the developers at Platinum Games went this direction. In fact, we spoke to Platinum Games Director Eiro Shirahama, Producer Atsushi Kurouka, and Activision Producer Robert Conkey about taking on this IP.

Q: Platinum Games is known for the high action, over the top gameplaylike Bayonetta. How did Platinum try to incorporate that into an already establish IP like Korra?

A: With Korra as an established IP, they wanted to make a game the fans of the series can enjoy. There was a new character created for the game which was developed by both the studio in charge of the series alongside us at Platinum.

Q: Will he have a Katana?

A: Shhhh….no comment….(lol)

Q: Have you seen the Avatar/Legend of Korra series before?

A: In japan only the first book was released, so we weren’t too familiar with it, so we had to do a lot of research

Q: Was the action and fighting sequences in the game, motion captured?

A: The movements were all programmed and drawn in. Not motion captured, no.

After the short question and answer bit with the awesome Shirahama-san, Kurouka-san, and Mr. Conkey, we were able to get our hands on the gameplay itself! All I can say is that it was absolutely amazing playing as Korra. The developers unlocked all of Korra’s bending abilities for you to utilize on the enemies, and switching between elemental bending abilities was seamless. From what I gathered during gameplay and some questions clarified by the production team, the different elements were broken down into four types of styles.

Air Bending: Balanced fighting style that focuses more on area-of-effect. (You release little air tornadoes around the combat area)
Water Bending: Long range fighting style where you throw and bend water over long distances.
Fire Bending: Very fast fighting style that focuses on rush attacks that are designed to catch your opponents off guard.
Earth Bending: Close range fighting style that hits very very hard. (My favorite bending style)
Metal Bending: (I asked the developers about this, and it looks like there’s no access to metal bending for Korra)
Blood Bending: (unknown)


Naga – Korra’s beloved Polar Bear dog.

There’s also a fun traveling/adventure sequence where you ride Naga’s back collecting items and dodging obstacles. Since the demo only had us accessing a small portion of that part of gameplay, I’m guessing that it would be incorporated into chase sequences or general change of pace from the fighting modes. I personally kept screwing up by smacking Naga into the walls of the city, while our two Japanese developers jokingly chuckled when I did. Good times!

All in all this game is shaping up to he absolutely fun and the amount of research the developers did to bring Korra to life really surprised me. They paid a lot of attention to detail and they’re very excited to get this game out later on this year. I, for one, am excited for the game as well. Not just because I’m a fan of the series, but because I’m a fan of the PRO-BENDING option in the game! Yes folks, there’s Pro-Bending and you get to control Korra, Mako, and Bolin by helping them get to the championship. The developers stated that you can’t control the other teams except Korra’s, but who knows what’s going to happen when they release the game? Hopefully it’s available so I can use the other teams to try and take out Team Korra. 😉 Look out for The Legend of Korra video game later on this year!


Nerd Reactor with Activision and Platinum Games development team!


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