SDCC 2014: Skylanders invades Comic-Con


Skylanders has become one of Activision’s most successful franchises. It combines creating a world centered around toys and video games together and at San Diego Comic-Con, Activision and Toys for Bob had a few special surprises in store at their booth and panel.


During a packed Skylanders Trap Team Panel, the team was joined on stage with veteran voice actor Richard Steven Horvitz who voices Kaos in Skylanders (he is known for the voice of Alpha 5 in Power Rangers, Zim from Invader Zim and Billy from Billy and Mandy).

I-Wei Huang, who develops many of the characters for the Skylander series, talked about developing the Skylanders. There are tons of different designs that they go through for each Skylander until a particular character works. We saw concept artwork for Chopper, a new character in the upcoming Trap Team. While the final version had the mini T-Rex equipped with rockets and a helicopter chopper over his head, there were a lot of ideas of what he could have been. The same happens for many of the created Skylanders. Not all of them make it into the game, but they can always go back into the vault and use previously designed characters for games like they did with a couple in Trap Team.


Next was a few different concept drawings of Kaos, which was accompanied by Richard Steven Horvitz narrating on how each one would sound, along with how he fits into the Trap Team world and having to work side by side with the Skylanders.


The Skylanders are also getting a comic book series from IDW which got a special San Diego Comic-Con variant exclusive.


And there was a very exclusive announcement for the game which was geared more towards collectors. Activision will release special Elite versions of their figures in the future starting with Elite Spyro and Elite Chop Chop. These are released in limited quantities and will be a bit more expensive, since they are highly detailed and feature a metallic finish along with a special case and background design for collectors to enjoy.

The panel was just about over, but there was one last thing Activision had planned, a special cosplay contest for people dressed up as Skylanders. There were a few contestants competing for some really cool prizes. 1st place took home a giant check for $4,000 with 2nd, 3rd and 4th also taking home some pretty cool prizes which included a check for $1,000 as well as a gift bag full of exclusive Skylander figures for a cute Scartlet Ninjini cosplayer who had all the attendees cheering. So next year you might want to cosplay if you enjoy Skylanders.


The Skylanders booth also showed off the new Skylanders Trap Team Dark Edition, which includes Dark versions of Food Fight, Wildfire and Snap Shot along with a he Ultimate Kaos Trap.


Skylanders Trap Team will be available October 5th, the Dark Edition will retail for $25 more than the regular version. Unlike previous versions the Dark Edition will be available to all retailers.

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