SDCC 2014: The Last Ship, we dive deeper into this fresh series


Ironic, how a Russian was sent to cover a show where his own kind are the villains. Although, I am somewhat used to this; terrible accents and poor translation have plagued the representation of Russians since the dawn of 007The Last Ship premiered this year at San Diego Comic-con, and although Executive Producer Michael Bay has killed off most of my countrymen with a terrible virus, this show is awesome. Speaking from a production quality standpoint, it’s even fit for the silver screen. Five episodes will premiere on TNT throughout the next few months, and hopefully, they retain even a fraction of quality presented with the pilot. 

TNT At Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 - "The Last Ship" Panel

The show is based loosely around a U.S. navy carrier and her crew, post worldwide pandemic. The Last Ship scores high with a cast featuring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Travis Van Winkle, and Charles Parnell, along with a great supporting team. It’s also portraying an overall high-energy crew aboard this vessel, with interactions we would more likely see in a modern Navy; a much more casual approach to the genre with a unique struggle. Season two was announced shortly after the first episode premiered, and is promised to take the show in an entirely new direction.

Executive Producer Steven Kane adds that Season 2 features –

“a whole new palate and a whole new set of problems and adventures.”

Meaning we can look forward to an evolving plot, as not to stagnate on a single issue as insignificant as worldwide contamination.

Director Jack Bender’s vision of The Last Ship may have some unwarranted distaste in Russian politics, which does remain prominent through the first episode, but still displays it’s citizens in a positive light. Even if most have perished. I look forward to enjoying future episodes of the American “El Barco“.

The Last Ship” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on TNT.


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