GameStop to offer very high interest rate credit card


GameStop has always been at the center of controversy with their tactics, but because they offer some good buy 2 get 1 free deals, exclusive pre-order items and DLC, they have managed to stay on top. Now GameStop plans to offer their own credit card sometime next year.

There is a problem with the Gamestop credit card, however. After looking at the fine print you notice it comes with a 26.99% APR, which is nearly double the national average on a variable rate card and 3% more than people with bad credit have to pay. It’s very questionable why GameStop went with such a high APR for their “Gamers” and we can only guess they get a pretty nice cut of the interest rate.

GameStop tries to make it look really appealing to people by offering bonus points to basic members by adding 5,000 points to their account and 15,000 to pro reward members who are already spending $14.99 a year on the service, and also will feature special financing options and “exclusive offers.”

If you like throwing away money this might be great if you really need that copy of Destiny, but for everyone else this is just a terrible idea.

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