Deadpool cosplayer arrested for guns, grenades and swords

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Photo by Stephen Cooper

Wow, perfect timing. San Diego Comic-Con is now happening, and we have a story about a Deadpool cosplayer getting arrested at a Sydney train for carrying guns, grenades and katana. A frightened passenger on the Emu Plains to CBD morning express called the police and reported a man wearing a “menacing red and black one-piece costume.”

Police entered the train when it pulled in at the Blacktown station at 7:20am and carried Deadpool cosplayer Reuben Rose out. He was then surrounded by five other officers, including a sergeant and a constable wearing a bulletproof vests.

deadpool stephen Cooper photo
Photo by Stephen Cooper

It turns out that the weapons on the Deadpool cosplayer were fake. After talking the cops, they found out that the automatic pistols strapped to his legs, a bandolier of bullets across his chest, grenades on his belt and two swords sticking out of his black bag turned out to be plastic. It was later informed that he was dressed like that for a fundraising campaign called Superhero Week to help raise money for Bear Cottage at Manly, a children hospice.

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Photo by Stephen Cooper

Reuben wanted to convince his coworkers to donate to Bear Cottage by wearing the Deadpool outfit.

“I got on at St Marys and just on my way to work,” Reuben said.

“This is all in fun. I just wanted to raise some money for Bear Cottage.”

When it comes to cosplaying, be careful when carrying fake weapons in public places.

“Someone on the train got worried and called the police about a bloke with guns on the train.”

He was then allowed to put his gear into his bag and catch the next train. Rueben wasn’t charged with anything and went on his way.

Via Daily Telegraph

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