Inateck – 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger


So looking around my house I counted about 5 USB wall chargers with two of them being mine and the other three belonging to my roommates, mainly used to charge our smart phones. I have one always connected to my wall which has dual slots to charge my tablet and my smart phone and an extra single slot usb wall charger to use for traveling to conventions and any other locations. It has become so important in every day life it is one of the first things we make sure we pack.


Inateck releases a 4 port USB wall charger which might seem a little more than you need for the average person, but we’re nerds, and we have tons of electronics, tablets, smart phones, controllers, and cameras/camcorders. While it’s rare that I use all four slots at the same time, it came in handy. This item is great for people who travel a lot, especially in groups to conventions. I found this the star item of my group during Anime Expo where instead of everyone scrambling to call dibs on a power outlet we just plugged in the Inateck – 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger, powered up our phones and saved some outlets for our other devices like gaming systems, and laptops. With events like San Diego Comic-Con, it will be the life saver of the room.


The Inateck – 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger features two 5V/1A charging ports and two 5V/2.4A USB charging ports to charge four items at the same time. I noticed it took just a few minutes longer than normal to charge all four phones compared to one phone by itself, so it does it’s job well. Thanks to its bulky size it is very sturdy and hard to lose, which is a positive since I’ve lost or broken a few chargers myself.

A solid product which is a nice item to have if you go to a lot of convention or events with a group, you can find the Inateck – 4-Port 30W USB Travel Wall Charger on their website which retail for $15.99.

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