Rifftrax Sharknado, a show with comedic bite!

rifftrax sharknado

I had only heard of the hilarity of Rifftrax. For my first foray into the comedic movie commentary trio, I chose a stormy subject, the science fiction phenomena, Sharknado!

For those unfamiliar with Rifftrax, it’s a group starring the stars of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as they take a…what’s the polite way to put this…a film of a certain class and add their brand of zany commentary over the movie.

To get us in the mood we were serenaded with music by comedy bands like Awkward Conversations’ favorites Paul and Storm and Weird All, and some more that I hadn’t heard of but will now be on my radar, such as the Double Clicks. While the music got us in the mood, the trivia and weird facts made people roar before the show even started. And that’s when I knew I was in for something special.

While the show started off a bit shaky (as live shows often do), once the show started none of that mattered.

My favorite part of the night was a short they showed and commented on before the feature presentation. It was a PSA about caring about the technology of a spring. And if you haven’t watched it, go to Rifftrax.com and give it a watch! It’ll haunt your dreams and make you giggle your face off.

It was time for the masterpiece of the night, Sharknado. While I do suggest seeing it before you see the Rifftrax version, Rifftrax is what will make the movie awesome for you. It still is suggested that you see the original film before to get the full appreciation and comedy that’s in store for you.

Rifftrax will definitely be a regular thing with me. Turning bad movies into a night of fun is just their thing. and they do it well.

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