Labyrinth of Jareth 2014: A first time experience!


We sent two of our writers to document their experience at Labyrinth of Jareth. Anastasia and Holly had never experienced Labyrinth until now. Anastasia attended Friday’s events while Holly went to Saturday’s festivities. Check out their experiences below.


Anastasia Washington:

On Friday, I stepped into a magical dreamland for the very first time. A place I had only seen through pictures, I boldly walked through the haunting halls. Dressed enchantingly, Labyrinth of Jareth was truly a unique night.

Everyone in the nerd world came out for this event. Donning attire that ranged from unique to absolutely scary. Goblins, princesses (lots of Frozen), fairies, and vampires surrounded the great Park Plaza. Everyone’s imagination was running wild and I loved every single second of it.

Room after room I was transported to a wonderland. With two ball rooms – one classic with instructions on traditional dances and English tea, and the second with a club-like atmosphere filled with fanciful performances. The fun didn’t end there. This was a true LOJ_AnaLabyrinth. Outside the venue was atmospheric garden and a rooftop market of the ren-faire variety. I now have a definite “to do list” for next year’s event. The top of my list will be to have tea in the ballroom and eat from the dragon! Obviously!

It was truly a magical night. My one wish was that they had some epic themed drinks. While they had a full bar, the kitschy in me wanted some magical libations worthy of these grand outfits and characters. That being said, the event was creative and has inspired me to be even more elaborate and creative in next year’s costume. So start planning now! I know I am!


Holly Amos

I’m often invited to get involved in things I try so hard to avoid simply because I know I’ll like them. I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so, trust me, it’s sometimes better if I avoid awesome stuff (I’m looking at you, Doctor Who). One such event I’ve managed to avoid for years is the annual masquerade ball Labyrinth of Jareth. I ventured up into Los Angeles from my humble abode in Long Beach to visit a friend in the hospital on the 4th of July. That turned into staying for a pool party and, eventually, I was talked into attending Labyrinth the next evening.

I had zero desire to drive home and try to throw together a costume, so my friend Michelle and I went shopping the morning of the ball for supplies to create something for me to wear. The event, after all, is almost entirely costume focused. Being a cosplayer and having been sewing since I was a child (I’m 4’10”, so I literally have to hem EVERYTHING) made the task a bit less stressful than it could have been.

An adventure to International Silks & Woolens supplied me with some amazing sequined material I decided to quickly sew into a mermaid fin-inspired skirt. I topped that with a bright pink bra from Nordstrom Rack covered in black pearls from Michael’s craft store. I also picked up a glittery hot pink starfish and glued it to a headband for a hair piece and put together an octopus necklace from their jewelry section. Viola! I’m a mermaid! And it just so happens that one of my friends I attended with, Sage, also had a sea-inspired costume. Hooray for unintentional coordination!


Photo credit Michelle Ehrman

After the shock of OMG I NEED A COSTUME! wore off, I was left to enjoy the evening with my wonderful friends. I ran into so many people I love and adore, which made me so very happy. I saw some amazing costumes; obviously costumes people had been working for weeks and even months. My favorite? A couple with a snowy village inspired ensemble. My parents have been building a Christmas village since I was a child and it’s rare they go a year without adding something to it. When I was still living with them, I’d often set it up in their dining room window seat and, let me tell you, that process is extremely tedious. Props to these people for their hard work and dedication to execute such an idea. The woman is carrying a village on her pelvis, guys! It’s lit up! That’s impressive!

The numerous ballrooms, bars, and food trucks made the experience that much more fun. And the performers they booked were top notch. There was always something fun and interesting to be enveloped by. So, Labyrinth of Jareth, you have managed to suck me in after years of careful avoidance. I shall return with a costume that I spend more than a couple hours on next year!

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