Bandai’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives are Mighty Morphin awesome

Last year Bandai America announced some really awesome exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con which included a Green Ranger/White Ranger 24K Gold Plated Morpher, Green Ranger 5″ figure, as well as a Mega Force Ranger Gold Plated Morpher (this one’s hard to get). This year Bandai reveals some exclusives that are just as great or possibly even better.


2014 is once again the year of the Green Ranger with the Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Limited Edition Legacy Dragon Dagger. Limited to 1,000 pieces this 24K gold plated Dragon Dagger will play tunes from the TV series and will include its own limited edition holder when it’s not in the exclusive packaging made just for San Diego Comic-Con.


The Limited Edition Tokyo Vinyl Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS Green Ranger will also be available at San Diego Comic-Con. Designed by acclaimed Japanese vinyl artist TOUMA, The Green Ranger Tokyo Vinyl will look great if you picked up the Red Ranger at last years New York Comic Con. Limited to 1,000 pieces.


Add new Ranger keys to your collection with the Limited Edition Mighty Morphin POWER RANGERS – Ranger Key Set. The set includes seven ranger keys from the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger series which includes the Pink Ranger and Yellow Ranger that are unavailable outside of the collection, along with a special Red Ranger key which makes a very special sound that was designed only for Comic-Con. Limited to only 700 pieces.


He might not be a Power Ranger but he is a mighty force to be rekon with. The Godzilla 60th Anniversary Figure in Exclusive Diorama Packaging is a great pick up for fans of the King of Monsters. It includes a 6.5″ Vinyl Godzilla figure with the diorama package opening to showcase a city destroyed in battle. Limited to 500 pieces.

All four limited items are individually numbered and only a certain amount will be available each day of Comic-Con. For more detail on the items you can head to the Bandai website.

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